International students to obtain extra funding from Ontario

11 July, 2015

Overseas students can get financial assistance form Ontario
The government of Ontario has decided to expand funding for graduation to international students after years of negotiations and lobbying by universities.

After the discussions, no new money is attached and instead, commencing this semester, a maximum of one-fourth of new graduate students spots will be funded by the province.

According to the province wide, a maximum of 130 spots can be reallocated for overseas graduate students under the latest policy, but negotiations begin on how the program can expand in the future.

At the University of Toronto, the change will means the school will be able to admit more students from outside Canada that helps to hire and maintain top faculty.

Though tuition for overseas students in graduate programs has increased twice or more that of native students, numerous universities cover living and tuition costs. So far, Ontario universities had absorbed those costs. Many of the other provinces cover financing for graduate students from overseas, either in part or entirely. One third of all international students who enter to Ontario and the province required to ensure it does not fall behind.

Graduate students stated that they welcome the news of bringing international perspectives to their work, but they expect the universities uses some of the finances to assist international students through new scholarships.

Already, computer science, engineering and science have far more students from overseas than from native. In some areas, as many as two-thirds of applications are from overseas students.

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