International Students Unconsciously Educate Other Students

21 June, 2016

International Students Unconsciously Educate Other Students
Every year thousands of students flock to the University of Texas. Unconsciously they teach other students in the University about the diverse nature of the world.

During the academic year 2015-16, 5166 international students have enrolled at the University of Texas. The largest number of students from Asia & Latin America and a small proportion come from the Europe. The students in UT from almost all the continents of the United States, the majority of students attend business school.

The students not only benefit from education, but also the exposure makes them shape their view on the world and they become open-minded.

A second-year student of Geology, Arisa Ruangsirikulchai said that, “Interacting with international students lets us see the world from other perspectives as well as dispelling some stereotypes we could have with others,”

A student from Austria Mark Bauer says that he brings new culture here so that people can learn not academically 

Bauer said,“This can increase cultural awareness and lead to a process of mutual learning.”

A professor, Anthony Brown, stated that international students allow their fellow mates to learn things beyond the classroom. International students provide a different body of knowledge and experiences to sustain different ideas that are learned in class.

A student from India, Preet Popat said that after educating in London she felt that education was mechanical, but here it is education is based on interest and allow people to explore new things.

Popat said, “The States is way more flexible in the courses that you can take and offers a well-rounded education.”

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