Ireland becoming hotspot for Indian students going to study overseas

10 May, 2016

Ireland becoming hotspot for Indian students going to study overseas
Ireland has emerged as the leading destination for students from India going to pursue overseas education.  According to the senior adviser of education, Ireland Education, Barry O Driscoll, there are over 2000 students from India in Ireland and these statistics are increasing each year.

According to him, the benefits that Ireland has got for students from India are that it is an English speaking country. Ireland has got many leading internationally recognized universities that provide courses in various disciplines that includes science, engineering, technology, business, medical and finance etc that are big draw for Indian students. Due to its high quality education, Ireland’ education is value for money.

The tuition fee for under graduate and post graduate courses for non EU students that ranges from 8000 pounds to 30,000 pounds while living cost differs from 6000 pounds and 10,000 pounds every year.  Education cost is less when compared to other foreign education destinations; this is the reason why Indian students prefer to stay back for a year after finishing their education. This provides them a chance to search for jobs.

Students from India has got chance to work in Ireland for 20 hours per week during their study courses and around forty hours during vacation time. Ireland has gone many professionals from India. There is Indian community staying in Ireland whose population is around 25,000.

There are many Indian doctors and medical experts and there are large numbers of IT professionals and their numbers are growing.

Professionals from India got large number of job permits granted by government of Ireland. Ireland has got policy that motivates Indian businessmen to establish their businesses in Ireland.

Ireland has got many outstanding universities and colleges.  There are many courses that has become very favorable among Indians that includes data analytics, cloud computing and various specialties in finance.

The graduate and post grad courses in Ireland are well linked to industry; students get many prospects of joining international firms and startups for jobs and internships. There are big help for students in their future and career path, besides various scholarships that are available for foreign students.

Firms like Face book, Google, Apple, PayPal, Intel, Twitter, Linked In, etc has established offices in Ireland for providing job prospects to many foreign students on finishing their education.

Many colleges offer scholarships to students like Trinity College in Dublin provides around 5000 pounds to undergraduate students.  University College Dublin is offering 100% tuition fees for master degree programs and 50% tuition fees for a year master degree programs, National University, Galway is providing around 2,750 pounds for under grads and post grads merit scholarships each, National College in Ireland is providing around 2950 pounds for master degree programs and around 2000 pounds for under graduate candidates.

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