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08 July, 2015

Korean Universities attract International Students to Study in Korea
In a bid to raise the count of international students in Korea from 84,000 in 2014 to 200,000 by 2023, the government is vowing to make universities or educational institutions more foreigner-cordially.

The Ministry of Education has revealed latest policy initiatives to restart the once-booming tendency of studying in Korea.

Most remarkably, the ministry revises regulation to enable colleges to unlock departments for overseas students. Additionally, the ministry intends to assists international students to start more English-taught degree courses in engineering and sciences that would be more supportive for overseas nationals in terms of obtaining an employment in the country’s labor market.

The ministry also added more firms to the government's job support program for I international students. As per the ministry, the 10 most renowned universities or colleges for overseas nationals are all situated in the capital.

In order to foster colleges, located outside Seoul to lure international students, the ministry gives 18.8 billion won in 2015 to both schools as well as individual departments, which show specific plans as well as vision.

In an attempt to assist international students, the ministry sponsors a six week program, in which nearly 100 international students from Asian nations visit Korean colleges.

As the count of high school graduates is likely to fall short of college entry quota from 2018, the ministry thinks that luring more international students is a vital task to maintain country’s national competitiveness.

The ministry also said that obtaining overseas talent has become more vital. The country continues to work hard to boost and encourage the superiority of country’s higher education.

Overseas students account only 2% of total registration in Korea’s higher education when compared to 18% in the UK and 19% in Oz. The OECD average is 8% and the ministry stated that, if everything goes well, the international students' ratio increases to 5% by 2023.

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