Korea overhauls plans to lure international students

23 July, 2015

Korea likely to attract more international students
The education ministry of Korea has overhauled plans to raise international studentís registrations after the three years decline of enrolments. 

The project also aims to combat declines in the populace of native college-aged students, which statistics demonstrate wonít be enough to abide by college entrance quotas by 2018.

Getting more overseas talent has become more significant. The country is striving hard to enhance and encourage the brilliance of Koreaís higher education.

In order to lure more overseas students, the ministry encourages universities to enhance special degree programs, offer scholarships for international students and cater more interesting residency choices for those who reside and work in key sectors.

Recently, a new plan designed by the ministry this month in order to reach 200,000 international students by 2023 and rise foreign student spending from 796bn won ($620m) to 1.5tn won ($1.2bn) by 2020.

According to the Ministry, the country enables universities to create specialized programs structured to lure international students in the nationís strength sectors.

The ministry is also aiming to make it simpler for international students who are already in the nation studying the Korean language to transfer to degree programs.

International studentsí accounts nearly 2% of all higher education registrations. The ministry is likely to see the rise of 5% in the coming eight years.

With an intention to maintain leading foreign talent, the ministry of justice has streamlines naturalization laws for technology, engineering and natural science students. Students will now only be needed to work two years, rather than five, as researchers or university professors in order to be eligible for Korean citizenship.

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