Lithuania witnesses surge in Indian students

09 July, 2015

Lithuania is now top Destination for Indian Students
In a bid to laid paths to higher education in Europe, a number of Indian students are heading to Lithuania.

This EU nation has recorded vast rise in the count of Indian students flocking to its universities with the latest data demonstrating that the count of Indian pursuing full-time higher studies in the Baltic nation have increased from 37 in 2011 to 357 in 2014.

During 2012, there were nearly 57 Indian students enrolled in Lithuanian colleges which have increased to 224 in previous year.

In 2015, the count of Indian students is likely to breach 500. During January to June 2015, Study in Lithuania site has visited 64,931 times. The most of the travelers came from the following nations such as India with 7.695 sessions, Ukraine with 5.789 sessions, United States with 4.944 sessions, Belarus with 3.393 sessions and Russia with 3.996 sessions.

In the previous year, the most renowned Lithuanian university or educational institution amongst Indians was the Kaunas University of Technology with nearly 248 students registering there.

As per the statistics gathered by the Study in Lithuania department, in the previous year the only nation which surpassed India in the count of students in Lithuania was Belarus.

According to the Sources, Indian students are diligent, sincere and very careful. Their presence in country’s universities is raising the bar of excellence. This EU nation is known internationally for its expertise in laser agricultural, medical sciences, technology, engineering and courses in art. India is one of the top 5 source nations that supplied international students to Lithuania.

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