Mexican Government Starts Scholarship Program for International Students

12 January, 2015

Study in Mexican
Mexico is home to more than 70 HEI or Higher Education Institutions which take part in this one of a kind agreement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the AMEXCID or Mexican Agency for International Development beckons overseas students, who are keen to pursue doctoral, masters and postgraduate research programs to come to Mexico.

This alliance also promotes student mobility programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, participating in the Convocatoria, 2016. The Convocatoria extends 20 scholarships on a yearly basis to British nationals within the structure of bilateral agreements. There exist multilateral mechanisms and special agreements amongst the two nations. The 70 Mexican Higher Education Institutions offer academic programs which are registered. These programs depict the country’s achievements in the areas of humanities and science.

By providing scholarships for Excellence to overseas students, the Government of Mexico is bolstering global responsibility and declaring its commitment to the formation, promotion and co-operation of high-level of human capital. The appearance of the scientists, academics and students from abroad  in the country results in paving the way for long-term and permanent connections for dialogue. Thus, these accomplishments improve the agenda for foreign policies. Additionally, the Mexican academic community and the HEI profit from higher internationalization.

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