Missouri Economy Receives a Fillip from Foreign Students

22 November, 2014

Missouri Economy Receives a Fillip from Foreign Students
With more and more students enrolling themselves in Missouri colleges, the state coffer is teeming. According to the Institute for Higher Education, a total of 18,205 offshore students have taken admission in Missouri, which is 8% more than last year. Out of this, two-thirds comprise of students from 5 nations, namely China, India, South Korea, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. China is leading in providing international students to Missouri, with a 40% inflow.

Karla Mc Collum, the Chairwoman of the Study Missouri Consortium has noted that the contribution to the state economy is about one-half billion dollars. The main reason for students coming to Missouri is the high-quality education and comparatively-low tuition fee rates. The top programs on offer here come under STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Mc Collum also said that these students were getting incorporated into the campus life by joining clubs and organizations. Another way was by living in dormitories. The students from other countries possessed at least some knowledge of the English language. This was done to ensure that they follow the instructions in class and can keep up with the rest. For those who need help in the language, most schools have English-as-Second language program.

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