More International students in New Zealand seeking job in city

29 July, 2015

International students in New Zealand seeking job in city
The new jobs plan aims to maintain more Dunedin's 3000 international students in the city for longer. The Dunedin City Council as well as its partners, the University of Otago & Otago Polytechnic, has promulgated plans for a latest Job Ready program in Dunedin.

The plan was to connect international students in Dunedin's with the city's businesses as well as employers, to assist more students to seek jobs as well as keep their skills in Dunedin in New Zealand.

Apparently, employers in Dunedin's would be able to valve into the skills of the city's overseas student body, many of whom willing to stay.

A number of overseas students aspire to continue their lives and careers in New Zealand, however due to the lack of specific skills and contacts for native employment contexts, to assist them change from study to work.

During the same time, New Zealand made major investments in increasing its overseas student market, and those who finished their studies symbolizes an incredible opportunity.

According to the sources, in Dunedin, country’s tertiary institutions teach highly skilled students and their internationalized perspectives can assist businesses to grow their new markets.

With the support from Education New Zealand, the program was being piloted in Dunedin and employers were fostered to create contact if they were willing to take part. 

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