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06 November, 2015

Study Abroad Program for Indian Students
According to OECD (Organization for economic cooperation and development) highly educated Indians were fastest growing set of emigrants to organization for economic cooperation and development countries in 2011. organization for economic cooperation and development countries include thirty four wealthy countries such as EU, Australia, South Korea and Israel.

Overall migrant populace of India in developed countries was 2010 – 2011 and rise of 83 percent over the before decade. But the growth in the populace of highly educated Indians was even faster at 123 percent. At 2.24 million highly educated Indians are 62 percent total Indian origin migrants.

According to 2011 eight percent Indians are being graduated out of 100 3% are highly educated Indians study or work in abroad. Therefore the number rises for nurses and doctors about 8 out of 100 of them migrating to developed country.

Organization for economic cooperation and development 34 member states are United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Chile, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark, Slovak Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Norway, France, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Mexico, Hungary, Luxembourg, Iceland, Korea, Ireland, Korea, Israel, Japan, and Italy.

India is clearly huge knowledge economy. Number of professionals produced in different areas is very high. Therefore India saw the highest number of doctor’s move to the OECD countries in 2010 – 2011. Total number of doctors migrating to the other countries is high and the extradition is low. 


According to the doctor populace Indian council of medical research the populace ratio in India as of 2013 was 1:1800 it is much lower than WHO (World health organization) recommended ratio of 1:1000

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