NAFSA Urges for Prioritizing International Education

18 June, 2016

NAFSA Urges for Prioritizing International Education
National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) called the United States Presidential candidates to prioritize international education. The boards of directors asked for global engagement and made the United States more welcoming.

NAFSA CEO Marlene Johnson said that “To say that I’m proud of the board for this statement is an understatement of significant proportion."

In an official statement released last week, NAFSA says that “We urge our nation’s leaders to advance study abroad and international learning; welcome international students and advance commonsense immigration solutions, and demonstrate our commitment to global engagement by continuing forward progress on Cuba and offering education and aid to refugees,”

International education can be used to strengthen relations with the foreign countries; can improve economies and cooperation with other nations.

The NAFSA opined that the next American President should welcome international students and champion the system of immigration.

It urged for eliminating the student’s requirement to prove that they are not going to stay in the United States, post completion of education.

The Statement also stressed the importance of international education to the United States economy. How it adds value to the US economy annually. It also highlights that one percent of the American students study in other countries. The many student profiles are underrepresented. 

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