New South Wales Students to Get a Boost With New Grants

12 February, 2015

NSW Students
In a bid to allure more number of international students from across the globe, five of the Sydney-based public and private universities have attained 50,000 dollars to extend a private enterprise plan for all the overseas students to aid them with future employment prospects.

This new funding is one among the seven study abroad grants amounting to 177,000 dollars made by New South Wales for advancing the education standard in the country.

Deputy official of the concerned department, Troy Grant noted that their main intention is to make all the overseas students to spend more time in their country and to aid them in enhancing their economy. On an average, all the overseas students from across the globe contribute nearly 5.7 billion dollars yearly to the New South Wales economy.

Australian International Education Association administrative director revealed that New South Wales government is considering the grants issue so seriously and is striving hard to advance the experience of the international students who pursue their studies in its institutions.

Even though all the overseas students are offered with appropriate grants, they are planning to resolve the travel issues that are being faced by international students by providing discounted tickets that cost 46 dollars for 90 days and 1600 dollars for a year.

These tickets aid a student to travel only in the metropolitan regions of Newcastle, Sydney or Wollongong. Earlier Victoria and NSW were the only regions which have not provided the public transport facility for international students, but with a high pressure and force from all the international student groups, both their governments have planned to provide discounted tickets for their students.

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