New Zealand Launches New Student Visa Program

30 June, 2016

New Zealand Launches New Student Visa Program
New Zealand announced new student visa program to attract International Students and make education globally competitive.
New Zealand Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse and Employment Minister Steven Joyce have announced the New Pathway Student Visa program for international students.

The study program allows international students to study three consecutive programs at selected educational institutions.

Under this program, an education provider can work collaboratively with another education provider to offer courses to students. This program will be valid for five years.

Mr.Joyce said that Pathway Student Visas would be active from December 7. The visa program covers 500 Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary educational institutions.

According to the figures released by international students, the Students in New Zealand are increased by 16 percent.

Pathway Student visas will retain international students and makes education globally competitive with other countries that offer pathway study programs.

Initially, this program will be a pilot program for 18 months; this enables New Zealand Immigration to assess the outcome of the pilot program.

The New Zealand international education worth $ 2.85 billion dollars in foreign exchange, the reforms, and initiatives aim to double business by 2025.  

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