New Zealand Sees Rise in Indian Students Numbers

24 June, 2016

New Zealand Sees Rise in Indian Students Numbers
The number of Indian students in New Zealand has increased drastically and the student migrants have hit new records last year. Students from the Philippines followed suit.

A Massey University’s sociologist said that “This is a story of the rise and rise of Asia, and the shift from our traditional source countries in Europe.”

“New countries are India and the Philippines...despite suggestions that it will tail off and perhaps drop, for the moment, there is no suggestion that this will happen soon.”

India has always been the biggest source for sending students to international destinations. The United States, UK, Canada, Australia and other popular destinations have a good number of international students. 

International students from Asia Migrate to New Zealand on a temporary basis and long term basis and are a significant addition to the migrant population in New Zealand.

Indian students who went to study in New Zealand increased from only 611 in 2014 to 10,708 in 2015.

Similarly, students from the Philippines rose from 64 to 1801, the work visa holders grew to 2030 from 56. 

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