Nova Scotia to Uphold More International Students With Study Abroad Programs

06 February, 2015

Nova Scotia New Educational Program
New study abroad program was designed by Nova Scotia for overseas students on Thursday.  Halifax Port officials had an alliance with the Business School of Sobey with the support of Hong Kong-Canada commerce organization at Saint Mary's University to put forth new internship programs for overseas students.

Few of the sources of the country say that the overseas students pursuing their studies at University of Saint Mary's can gain on-broad work experience with the internships that are run with the assistance of Halifax Port Authority. The main motto of this new study abroad program is to inbuild skills and work experience that would be helpful for a student to excel in the organization that he or she has chosen and to stay in their nation, says the CEO and President of Halifax Port Authority, Karen Oldfield.

To address the issue that has been faced by the international students while grabbing the job opportunities, the Sobey School of Business has introduced this new program. Currently, two overseas students have enrolled in Sobey School of Business and they are anticipating to increase their students count with the launch of paid internship program within a week.

Local chapter president of Nova Scotia revealed that this new program would aid them in enhancing the economy with the rise in number of international students to their region.  He further noted that this will be an added advantage for every individual who are involved in this new plan.

For every three years, Halifax Port Authority will appoint two international students to undertake the internship program and based on the requirements, work norms and student availability of Saint Mary University, the duration of the program varies, say the officials of Halifax Port.

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