Ohio University to Increase International Student Population

08 December, 2014

Ohio University
Although OU comprises of a small section of the overall student body, more foreign students are coming to Ohio University. Craig Cornell, the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management said that the constant rise in recent numbers is helping the university to strive for more international students. According to him, it was an exciting prospect to have people of different cultures on the campus.

There are 4.2 % overseas students at U.S. educational institutions, out of which about 4.7% of the student body at OU comprises of international students.  This year was a record-setting year for Ohio with 1,885 international students as well as for the U.S. with 886,052 students from abroad enrolling here in the academic session 2013-14.

With 807 students, China is heading the list of countries which send their students to the OU. India is close at heels with 110 students being represented in Ohio. A report released on November 17 stated that the increase in the number of international students last year has doubled from what it was 20 years ago.

The reasons why student from abroad are leaving their home country to come to Ohio is because of its strong academic programs. Apart from that, the utopian college environment and campus, a long standing history of international education and a steadfast language training program called the Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE) are factors which lure the candidates. A significant feature offered by OU was the virtual tour by which students can go online and have a look at the campus and residence halls.

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