German Universities See an Increase in Students And Faculty Count

19 January, 2015

Study in Germany
Rise in the number of students and academics in Germany is evident. According to a recent survey named Profildaten zur Internationalität deutscher Hochschulen, based on the international recognition of universities in Germany, in the middle of the year 2014, approximately 31,000 joint programs were being carried out between 300 German institutions. These programs had nearly 5,000 partners in higher education in 150 nations overall.

Nearly more than one half of these programs include student exchange as well as higher education faculty, keeping in line with EU’s Erasmus program. This survey was first started in 2008 and is conducted on an annual basis by DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service in mutual ties with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the German Rectors’ Conference. It receives funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It is a composite breakdown of small and large universities, traditional universities and universities related to applied science, music, art and technology.

The survey deals with data related to the count of international non-resident students and academic faculty from abroad in the campus, the international study programs and motility of teachers and students. The survey rated the music, technology and art universities as the best. The total percentage of foreign students enrolled in the first-year increased from 13 to 16 percent, with the greatest number listed under the university related to technology (29%).

Apart from the technical subjects that lure international academics and students, music and art universities estimated to 70 percent overall. According to the German Education Minister Johanna Wanka, German universities boosted mobility and foreign exchange and opened doors to cultural ties as well as curiosity among staff and students.

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