Overseas Students and Scholars to Get Trained on Life at Columbia

09 February, 2015

International Students
Overseas students and researchers who arrive at the University of Missouri will be trained well in advance on the life at Columbia to make them acclimatized to its ambience easily. Administrator of the MU International Center, Jim Scott and few others vice provosts revealed that without considering the duration of stay of an individual, pertinent training from simple traffic rules and regulations to the health related  up-to-date information will be provided.

Scott further added that these orientation sessions are mandatory for all the international students before arriving to the campus. The main motto behind the program is to make a visiting student and overseas scholar aware of their norms and to protect themselves in the country, says Scott.

He also added that students can easily gain cognizance on their health care alternatives such as MU counseling center, student health center and police and emergency answer crews. Apart from this one can also gain clear information on the organizations’ education system.

Police department of MU aids an international student by providing sessions on safety-related matters. The police spokesman of MU, Scott Richardson stated that their team focuses mainly on the programs that would aid an overseas national to confidently face the troubles and to overcome them.

These training sessions also comprises of the safety and emergency procedures that has to be followed by an international student and the use of 911 dialing.

In order to reduce the count of pedestrian and cyclists’ accidents, Columbian government has planned to put forth such helpful sessions, says Scott. The officials of the country have also involved the translators in the sessions to remove the language barriers between them and the students.

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