Overseas students contribute €1.6 billion to France

06 December, 2014

Foreign Students in France
According to new analysis, it was found that around 300,000 overseas nationals who are studying in France are not only acting as the outstanding ambassadors but are also playing a crucial role in contributing a net amount of €1.6 billion to the nation’s exchequer while they depart. As per the new reports, France is ranking third in offering excellent education to international students and has attained the name of non-Anglophone nation.

During the year 2013 and 2014, around 295,084 international students from 190 nations were registered in the top universities of France. The government of France found that 43% individuals arrived from Africa, 26% from Europe and 19 percent from Asia followed by America and Middle East countries.

On an average three fourth of the applicants were pursuing their higher studies in doctoral and masters programs and remaining 14 percent in business or engineering. Universities of France found that around €4.65 billion were contributed by the overseas nationals to the country in the form of institution fees, living expenses, for travelling to their home nations and more.

Within their study duration of 22 months, individuals are spending about €920 for accommodation and for food. This sort of temporary visits such as global business partnerships, tourism, exchanges and studies would enhance the country’s economy.

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