Overseas students contribute €1.6bn to French economy

10 January, 2015

Foreign students studying in the top ranked universities of the country are contributing around €1.6bn to French economy. Few of the sources said that around €2.84bn were donated in the form of tuition fees by overseas students who have studied in its universities.

This contribution is must less than what they have donated in the form of traveling, sightseeing and staying. 41% of overseas students who have worked while studying have contributed to the French government in the form of pension funds and public health. This steady rise in candidates brought 11% rise in the investments from the past five years.

Students relocating to the nation with their family members are spending around €466m for the country’s market. As per the new reports, sources found that, most overseas nationals prefer France as their dream destination as it is one of the best places to live and to pursue their higher studies.

Around 85% candidates leaving the nation after the completion of their academic studies are also contributing much by visiting the nation as tourist the next time. Sources also noted that 80% students found France as a best destination to grab the opportunities in their dream company after the completion of higher education and to buy country’s products that would be useful for their career while pursuing the studies. French universities offer wide-range of postgraduate, undergraduate and doctoral courses.

Africa is a key source that provides students of around 43% followed by Europe and Asia of 26% and 19% and Americans and Middle East with the student contribution percentage of 8% and 4%.

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