Overseas Students Donate £7 Billion to UK Economy

19 December, 2014

As per the latest ‘Patterns and Trends’ report, top Universities of UK has seen a surge in overseas students count in its institutions. Thus, the United Kingdom government has started executing new policies and strategies that would be helpful for overseas nations. Compared to 2003-04 figures of 8.6%, the country has seen a rapid rise in non European nationals’ arrival to 12.8% during 2012-13.  

The figure of the candidates taking up the study courses of administrative and business have increased to 101,600 from 50,000 and are found more favorable for the development of country’s economy. The country has observed largest number of student arrivals from China and India with 57.

All the non European Union students are donating to around £7 billion to the economy of United Kingdom, according to the latest report. Chief executive of all the Universities of United Kingdom, Nicola Dandridge noted that, with the increase in standard of education in its institutions, UK has become a preferred destination for most overseas students.

One of the most widely welcomed fact is that, upsurge in overseas students count bring lot of profits to the United Kingdom like rise in economy in all corners, income for the Universities and many more. On the whole their institutions fame and the country’s reputation is about to grow with the increase of international students migration to the country.

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