Overseas students fair facilitates networking, cultural exchange

17 February, 2015

Overseas Students
International students and their families have gathered at Calvert nation expo to learn about the culture, tradition, food and language of 30 countries which have congregated there on 27 January.

Overseas students who are involved in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) elementary programs, demonstrated native dress, memorabilia, informational boards and cuisine of their home countries at Calvert Library Prince Frederick.

Event organizer and co-planner, Maryland Erin Knowles noted that the main motto behind the organization of this expo is to make people aware of diverse countries’ cultures and to exchange their knowledge. This exhibition is being sponsored by the councils for international education of America.

He further added that this fair served as a cultural bridge for all the internationals students and immigrants. One of the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) teachers noted that this fair encouraged the families to know about the neighboring families and to build strong relationships among themselves.

Few of the developed nations exhibited their native food samples such as Samosa and their handmade jewelry.  Few of the main sources of the country have also noted that this is one of the good opportunities for overseas students and their parents to hone their language skills and to know about new things.

At the fair, overseas students have obtained passports and competed for learning three additional things about other nations. Apart from this, few of the games such as Bingo, Phrases discussion were also played by the students, says the sources.

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