Overseas Students to Gain Better Services

17 December, 2014

Overseas Students
China is one of the world-class destinations for international students to pursue higher education. In one of the overseas study conference held at China, top officials of the country revealed that the count of foreign students will be enhanced in the coming years. At the international study meet held at Beijing on Friday, vice premier of the People's Republic of China, Liu Yandong told that the Chinese government is about to take some measures to increase the inflow of international students in the country and the education collaboration with other nations.

He further added that, since People’s Republic inscription in 1949, this is the first meet that has focused on international students’ higher education in China and Chinese citizens’ education in overseas nations.

During 1978 and 2013, China has become one of the well-known nations to send its students of about 3.06 million to overseas for higher education.

36 years ago only 1,200 international students used to study in China, but now more than 360,000 overseas students are studying in the country.

Liu expressed his view to the president Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang's that, country should take some measures to enhance the friendship and the communication between the overseas students and offer some international and domestic resources for their development.

Currently the Chinese scholarship council is offering financial support to international students who are pursuing their higher education in China and for Chinese citizens who are planning to study in the country. In order to grab the attention of more number of international students, the countries institutions must able to offer more number of courses in foreign languages, according to secretary-general of the CSC Liu Jinghui.

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