Record number of Indian students enrolled in US graduate schools

12 November, 2014

Record number of Indian students enrolled in US graduate schools
The number of Indian student enrollments in US graduate schools is increased during recent years. Foreign students now formed 17% of total graduate students in US, with more than half enrolled in science, engineering and business, citing a report published by the Council of Graduate Schools.

The report revealed that an eight percent increase is observed in the enrollment of foreign students, whereas, US students enrollments remained even.    

A professor of Boston College, Mr. Altbach said that because of the stringent immigration rules of Australia and UK, most of the Indian students are heading to the US. He added that it is a great boon for Canada and US.

According to a report released by the Institute of International Education, the increase in number of foreign graduate students is similar to the increase in overseas undergraduates, whose numbers exceeded 800,000 representing a four percent increase of total undergraduate students.        

Notably, foreign students contributed around $24 billion to the US economy.

According to the Statistics of the Bureau of Labor, the rapid growth in the labor market through 2022 will need a masterís degree, followed by an associateís degree and a professional or doctoral degree.

Sources said that the masterís degree programs are profitable for universities as a small amount is allotted to students for scholarships. This is because of rapid proliferation of programs and growth of niche degrees.

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