Rise in Tertiary Education Demand

05 January, 2015

Study in Malaysia
Youngsters these days are well-aware of the fact that in order to have a successful career, they should pursue higher education and be equipped with adequate knowledge and skills. This is because highly skilled workers add onto the present economy which is based more on knowledge. Thus, higher educational qualifications are vital.

There are many evidences in research literature to prove a positive inter-relationship between economic growth and higher education. Additionally, a higher degree qualification enables success in career. There is a growing demand for tertiary studies.

According to the classification done by the Education Ministry, Malaysian higher education comprises of university colleges, universities, community colleges, colleges and polytechnics. Recently, an online survey was conducted, with 298 participants responding to it. Out of this, almost 80 percent were students in Malaysian private and public higher education institutions whereas the remaining were arbitrary respondents. The data gathered from this survey was gathered through the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman or the UTAR opinion poll, which is an online stage for obtaining public opinion on issues faced by the youth of the nation during the present times.

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