Scholarship Programs by US Universities for International Students

20 July, 2016
Students who cannot afford expensive education in the US need to always be informed about scholarship programs offered by Universities.  For foreign students, the cost could be on the higher side. However, some Universities offer full scholarship programs as well as partial scholarships to international students. Students must understand that scholarships are very few and not always guaranteed.
This article focuses on five institutions that offer scholarships to international students. 
University of Oregon
This University offers more than five scholarship programs for international students. The popular scholarship program that attracts a huge number of international students is the ‘International Cultural Service Program’ or ICSP Tuition Scholarship. This program awards $7,000-$27,000 for international students.

Clark University
The ‘Global Scholars’ program of Clark University is for first-year international students. Based on academic standards, the scholarship shall be extended for the remaining four years. A student receives no less than $5,000 per year.    

American University
Scholarships range from $6,000-$25,000 for a year and all international students are eligible for this program. For the initial first year, students are awarded scholarships and based on their academic caliber; scholarships are extended for the next few years. 

University of the West
The ‘Lotus Scholarship’ of the University of The West, is for international students who have high academic standards. The Scholarship program has two categories, the Lotus Gold Scholarship and the Lotus Silver Scholarship. The Lotus Gold Scholarship Grants $10,000, and Lotus Silver Scholarship Grants $5,000 to international students. 

University of Arkansas
The University of Arkansas offers ten different scholarship programs to international students. There are three different Chancellor’s Scholarships ranging from $5,000-$10,000 a year for international students.

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