Scholarships & Financial Aid for one fifth of Students to Study in Abroad

09 September, 2015

Study Abroad for better Career in US Virginia University
In the year 2014 and 2015 one fifth of students studied in abroad received financial support from student financial services and from international studies office. The financial period fall and spring semesters as well as January term and summer terms.

According to U.Va. Global website the students who are under graduated and graduated in abroad during 2014 and 2015 are more than 3000. 19% students received financial support from student financial service.

University director of financial aid Scott Miller said students studying abroad have entrée to same financial support they would on ground expect for federal work. And students are also eligible for state and institution financial aid, federal.

He also said the students who have not applied for this financial support can also receive scholarship, departmental awards from international studies office. Students can also apply to non university affiliated scholarships.

There was a one student named Leah Day, she is from third-year and she studied abroad with U.Va. Program and completed her intern ship. Mean while her financial support did not provide much better. Day said, the director of her program provided her with information on scholarship with other departments.

Compare to student financial service, random scholarship are more useful.  Day said she didn't get a lot of money from U.Va. Global interns.

Finally she received scholarship from outside of student financial service and allowed her to study and live in Morocco for summer.

Choosing to study in abroad in summer can also control the amount of financial support package. There are typically less grants during summer since students would not normally be in class.

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