Scholarships paves way to best programs

06 July, 2015

Pursuing MBA is a huge economic commitment, however to ease some of the stress, there are an increasing count of business scholarships to assist the bank balance.

Leading universities in US leads its way, whereas Asia and Europe are still catching up. At Stanford Graduate School of Business, nearly 50% of the MBA students during the 2014-15 academic year obtained awards, paying for 58% of their tuition.

In Europe, at London school, one-fifth of 410 present MBA students obtain scholarship paying an average of nearly 40% of tuition fee. Awards can even cover other costs too.

Scholarships not only cover the full tuition fee, it also includes monthly allowance of and travel expenses.

Scholarships will be granted based on the student demographic profile, which in turn leads to varied classes.

The director of MBA program, Shimin Chen of Ceibs in China states that among those who have obtained funding during 2013- 2014, over 43% were international students.

He said that as more and more Chinese organizations go global, the economy has a great requirement for top overseas talent. Identifying this need, the government has allocated more scholarships for overseas students.

In order to enhance your chances of obtaining merit-based finance, it is necessary to get to know the admissions team to discover what qualities they are searching for.

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