Scottish University to Refund Fees For Overseas Students Who Fail

29 January, 2015

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International students paying tuition fees at a Scottish university of the country will now be refunded the fees in case they fail to complete their course under essential proposals. This new initiative would benefit all the international students who are pursuing their higher studies in that university.

Till date, the UWS has broken many ranks and stood above other institutions to guarantee an international student that it is one of the renowned and competitive universities in UK.

If the plan is being approved by the concerned authorities of the country, University of the West of Scotland will become the foremost institution to proffer such facilities.

This new cash back policy is not applicable for students of Scottish universities, as their tuition fees will be paid by their government, but international students and the candidates from rest of the country who pay around 10,000 and 7250 a year will be benefited.

Few of the sources of the country have also revealed that this new policy is valid only for an overseas national who is willing to undertake full-time course studies and to follow their rules.

Principal of University of West of Scotland promulgated his plans before the politicians, businessmen and the university leaders, says the sources.

In general, UWS admits only a qualified student who has the potential to enhance his or her skills and abilities and to explore his ideas, if those students who admit through rebate system fail to succeed and complete his or her course studies, their institution is ready to refund the fee which they have paid by taking bank loan or personally, says the sources.

If the universities of the country are financially sensitive like private institutions they can easily attain the top position in the competitive global education market.

Few of the concerned of the institutions have also noted that they should consider students as the customers and should act accordingly to meet their requirements and goals.

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