Significant Rise in Number Of Indian Students Heading To Germany

22 September, 2014

Significant Rise in Number Of Indian Students Heading To Germany
In the year 2014, a significant number of Indian students especially in the fields of science, engineering and technology are flocking towards Germany when compared to previous years. The efforts by Germany Government, through DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service to allure a great number of Indian students have succeeded. Indian students are choosing Germany over other expensive destinations for higher education.

A spokesman of DAAD said that they are going to conduct informative sessions at various research centers and universities. DAAD is also offering ample scholarship programs and assists German and Indian universities to set up alliance arrangements, he added.

German universities offer more than 1,600 programs in English. However, a major desirability is the fact that the German Government offers free higher education or else a less tuition fee i.e. approximately Euro 500 for each semester.

All foreign and native students have to pay only semester fee, which ranges from 50 to 250 Euros based on the university and the provided benefits.

The annual cost for higher education in Germany is comparatively less than other nations like the UK and US. Surprisingly, in the single year 2013-2014, over 9,619 Indian students got registered in German universities and educational institutions for higher education. The number of Indian students enrolled in German universities is almost doubled when compare to 2010.

The leading nine German universities TU9 are alluring a majority of Indian students especially for postgraduate courses in top fields such as IT. The TU9 system comprises international leading institutes such as TU Berlin, RWTH Aachen, TU Brunswick, Leibniz University of Hannover, TU Darmstadt, TU Dresden, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Stuttgart and TU Munchen.

Germany is the best place to study technology, particularly automobile engineering at both master and undergraduate level. In addition to this, German universities allow graduates and post-graduates to stay back in the country even after their academic courses. In a proposal to allure talent from all over the globe, the Government of Germany has facilitated residence and entry regulations for highly skilled employees.

Universities in Germany are in fact an emerging attractive destinations for Indian students as the country has well-built educational system and economy. 

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