Singapore is offering Foreign Students chance of Employment after Graduation

02 May, 2016

Singapore is offering  Foreign Students chance of Employment after Graduation

Singapore is an island which comprises of around 63 islands. Singapore is among thickly populated area in Asian continent. Singapore is also known as the land of lions. Singapore has emerged as Asia’s emerging higher education destination.

Singapore’s National University is ranked 12th and Technological University of Nanyang is ranked 13th in the latest Global Universities Rankings for universities in Asian continent. 

Other most favorable and leading universities in Singapore are as follows :

  • Nanyang Fine Arts Academy
  • Lasalle Arts College
  • Singapore Institute of Management Development
  • Mages Institute for Excellence
  • Management Institute of Singapore

The country is extremely favorable among students who seek to pursue courses in design, animation, gaming and music etc.  Post Graduate management courses, law courses and engineering courses are extremely admired option for South Asian students.  With many firms having their operations from Singapore, many universities offer scholarships for students that allow students to work while they pursue education.  Singapore is also most favorable destination among Indian students.

Higher education students who choose for course in engineering also got better prospects of getting jobs in Singapore after they complete their studies.

Reasons for choosing Singapore

  • Courses being taught in English language
  • Cost of living and tuition fees are fewer when compared to the UK and the US. Many scholarships alternatives are also available.
  • Brighter prospects of getting jobs in Singapore
  • Many Indian students are pursuing education in Singapore with strong community of south eastern Asian students.
  • Singapore has got strict laws and stabilized environment gives students safety.
  • The country is well connected to other countries as this country has got best airports.

Pursuing Higher Education in Singapore

Higher education is affordable in Singapore with the world class courses in subjects like computer science, engineering, law and animation etc. Singapore is favorite destination among Indian students. Immigration and visa processing is simple and easy.  Foreign students has got chance to pursue higher education at much lower costs. The country has got brighter chances of becoming leading education destination among Asian students.

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