STEM students to gain from US visa extension

27 April, 2016

Foreign students who faces time limitations on their stay in the nation after completing their graduation. But from next month, the challenge would be made easy for foreign students pursuing education in STEM fields.

The US DHS had previously declared the changes of its F-1 student visa rules on OPT program for undergraduate with degree in STEM related subjects from the US universities and colleges.

OPT program allows foreign students who had completed or pursing their degree to look on job training.  The latest rule which comes into effect from 10th May 2016, permits STEM related students on F-1 student visa who had selected to get a year OPT to extend the time by two years. 

Earlier, STEM related students can only extend OPT by 17 months. Foreign students out of STEM stream are still entitled for a year of OPT without likelihood of extension.

With the latest extension, foreign students pursuing STEM related degrees would have much time to get a H-1B job visa. The H-1B visa let US firms to hire overseas employees in specialized occupation for six years time.

The latest extension of visa would offer STEM applicants more options to apply for H-1B if they are not accepted.

While the applicants do not require an employment offer to apply for OPT they should pay a filing fee of $380. Moreover, an application takes around three months to get processed.

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