Student Enrollments At UIS Climbed To 5000 Over This Fall

10 September, 2014

UIS Climbed To 5000 Over This Fall
A record number of 5,000 students registered at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) in this fall for the fifth successive year.

The official fall survey conducted on the 10 day of classes demonstrates the registration of 5,431 students at UIS when compared to 5,137-- the highest registration in the previous year.

The Chancellor of UIS, Susan Koch, said that they are happy with the increasing number of enrollments which is considered as one amongst the main priorities of the university.

She said necessary measures will be taken to improve the student life on campus, which focuses on need of student housing on and near the UIS campus. She added that they would continue to work with developers on strategies to get additional living space along with 11th Street area. 

During this fall, a 115% rise representing 827 is observed in the number of foreign students’enrollments over the previous fall. Most of the international students who came to UIS are from India and China. 

According to the university, the major fields chosen by the most of the overseas students are management information systems and computer science.

The process of online learning also demonstrated a rise in this semester, holding 1,689 students in online degree or credential programs, a 4.9% augment over the previous year semester. The number of student graduates enrolled at UIS in this semester is 2,393 when compared to previous year semester, i.e. 2,098.

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