Study Abroad Fair Encourages Students to Travel Foreign Nations

19 September, 2015

Study Abroad Fair Encourages Students to Travel Foreign Nations
Faculty and students filled the crimson path on 16th September Wednesday, for international students study abroad fair shows it is the great opportunity to study in abroad.

Students traverse many different options for a range of academic programs. EU travel options were well-known at the fair. But candidates also inspect to travel other areas such as Central America or Asia.

There are several benefits in studying abroad said, Chad Berry assistant director of Education Abroad. 

Coming to the website of Universityís study abroad there are 3 programs. Bundles cost tuition and UA credits are offered by faculty led program. With 29 partnered international universities for the cost of UA tuition full semester programs are available they can transfer credit also. Affiliate programs are third party partners that offers transfer credit in multiple countries but cost is not paid to the university. Cost is paid to the Affiliate.

Last year 75% of students travel to Europe. The top 5 countries are France, Spain, England, Italy and Austria. Many students have travelled to Middle East or Asia and Central America. In abroad program above 120 majors were represented for academic programs.

Brandon Green said itís really hard to exaggerate how to how important it is to increase your horizons and experience a life from outside of America.

And he also said the students who studied in China during his college career, there is nothing like truly visiting places you hear and read about interacting with new cultures and people.

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