Studying Abroad Students Weigh Many Benefits

02 December, 2015

Studying Abroad Students Weigh Many Benefits
Studying abroad is the life time experience for many students. University sends about seventy five to hundred students abroad during fall semester and about one hundred and fifty students in spring said, study abroad advisor at the office of global engagement Skip Langley.

Many students donít consider studying in abroad because of cost. If the applicant goes abroad for semester on exchange program they will pay the same base tuition fees. And the cost of living is little bit higher in some countries like UK.

The housing in Australia was estimated to be about $450 - $500 a month which was very near to the rent she pays in Oxford said, Hall. She also added, she didn't receive any scholarships but she wishes to research and applied for more in order to help with high costs of the trip.  Langleu encourages students who are interested in studying abroad to apply for any scholarships that are available.

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