Subject Wise International Degrees in Demand

15 December, 2014

International Students in USA and UK
Indian lawyers who were once outsourced are again in demand, thanks to companies who are on the lookout for lawyers who can work both in India and their offices in overseas nations like Singapore, UK and US. Hence, a degree which is of international repute will always stand you in good stead in the growing employment sector.

An overseas degree can help broaden the horizons of a student by helping them gain insight into issues of international importance and about business which reaches its hold way beyond the Indian scenario. This will definitely place them in a favorable position. Also, a foreign degree exposes you to skills like motivation, energy, commitment and drive.

The US and UK continue to be the popular study abroad destinations, with Hong Kong and Singapore not far behind. According to Mark Blakely, director of Graduate Taught Programs, law faculty, University College London, Indian students should choose their overseas college wisely, based upon whether they would like to return to India after studies or not. The US and UK being world-class study destinations, the institutions here have an improved sense of heritage and global recognition and are good options if you are planning to return to India once studies get over.

If on the other hand, overseas work after degree completion is supreme on your mind, then you should go for countries with common law jurisdictions like Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Apart from a flourishing career in law, international graduates can build a booming career in management, business, banking and politics.

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