Surge in Flow Of International Students From East to West

24 January, 2015

Study in Abroad
Two of the organizations which are specialized in offering accommodation facilities to international students have planned to shed light on the overseas students who are relocating from native nations to foreign universities and colleges. Initially, they have introduced an app that would aid the students to find the houses at affordable rates.

In the recent statistics of UNESCO Institute, it was found that around five countries named United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Germany have hosted 19, 11, 7, 6 and 5 percent students respectively to abroad nations for higher studies.

As per the new records, it was also found that around 694,000 candidates of China, 189,500 students of India and 123,700 of Republic of Korea are heading to overseas nations for higher education.  

One of the main sources for United States is China that heads students of around 210,452 and 97,000 to Japan, 87,000 to Australia and 77,000 to United Kingdom, says the sources.

Reportedly, U.S sent 75 students to China. Every year, on an average around 58,000 students of United States head towards overseas for higher education.

Few of the sources also say that the relocation of global students to abroad would raise from three million to 3.9 million from the coming decades.

They also state that this surge would reportedly enhance the overall global education standards and students enrollments from 32 to 164 million by 2024.

As per the new reports of the sources it was also found that with the introduction of new student partner schemes by Canada, the count of Indian students heading towards Canada has also surged.

On the other hand the figure of Hong Kong, Thailand, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Malaysian students moving to overseas has also risen to 186, 136, 94, 97 and 108 percent respectively, as per the statistics.

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