Tennessee University Showcases an Increase In Number Of Foreign Students

28 November, 2014

Tennessee University
Associate Director of the UT Center for International Education, Joann Ng Hartmann reportedly said that during the past fall, the state of Tennessee had seen a rise in the amount of offshore candidates enrolling at all of the universities in the state.

The academic year 2013-2014 witnessed 8,436 students from abroad taking admission in the various institutions in the state. Out of this count, there were 1,156 students at UT’s Knoxville campus itself, which brings it to a 24% surge when compared to 2004.

The Institute of International Education conducted an economic study to conclude that the inflow of international students during the last academic year, contributed to more than 242 million dollars to the state’s coffer.

The reasons for more economic growth were cited as payment of out-of-state tuition fees, living expenditure and just in case your family is accompanying you, it would augment Tennessee’s economy.

Ng Hartmann, during her 18 year tenure in UT, noted that almost 80% of the students from abroad, were enrolled in graduate schools. They were on the lookout for opportunities to conduct research in STEM fields. The major countries sending their students to TN are China, India, Brazil, Korea and Saudi Arabia.

The locals at Knoxville are known for their warmth and friendliness. The total contribution of international students to the U.S. economy is 26 billion dollars. More of Chinese students are now coming to this country to pursue education as their Government can afford to send them. The United States in turn has extended the length of Chinese student visa from two to five years.

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