The Top Five Best countries for International Education

19 April, 2016

International Students
The demand for international education is continuous and growing every year as the developing countries strongly believe the need to equip themselves with the new technology and skills from the developed countries. Progress is the primary thing and the craze for quality education and research is very high, presently according to the recent report over 130 000 students are studying in the United States.

The Chinese, Indians, and the students from the third world countries are ahead in applying for the student visas to the progressive countries. According to the survey conducted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, over 16000 participants involved in the survey.

The top five countries that offer quality education are the UK, Canada, USA, Germany and France. Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are some of the countries that invest a lot on education. The recent report by the Reserve Bank of India also said that Indians are sending 1 Billion dollars on overseas education.

The nations which are run the education system by the respective Federal Government have been ranked in the top places.

UK Students
United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has the world’s top ten global Universities; its education system is robust. Attendance is mandatory for the school students aged between 5 and 16.


Canada Students

Canada education system offers free education for the students with age five years of age. The Canadian students normally do better in the OECD‘s programme. Canada has some best Universities and it’s research facilities have produced some best global talent.

US Students
United States of America

Just to name one country India is the second largest country to sender of students to the United States. Totally 130 000 Indian students are studying in the United States. Imagine about the students from different parts of the world. It has the top 10 global universities and people are ready to spend for the costly education programs of the United States.


Germany Students

The Germany education is very robust, engineering stream education is very popular among the international students. Germany has the popular education programs and the students who come to pursue higher education will have option to stay in the country for one and half year post completion of education.  

France Students

 France is the great land for artistic pleasure, its great architecture and engineering prowess. The International students come here for philosophical, artistic studies have turned to be creative and global talent. The France education system follows a national curriculum for the students between the age 6 and 16. 

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