Theresa May faces contradiction from Sir James Dyson

06 January, 2015

Sir James Dyson
British investor and businessman, Sir James Dawson said that the policy to send away international students from the country was only a short-term vote winning move. By doing so, UK would lose some of the ingenious foreign minds and their innovative ideas.

Dyson criticized the proposal by repeating what the scientific and academic communities also feared. This was nothing but a dearth of engineers and scientists. Writing to a leading Daily, he mentioned that the UK boundaries should remain open to receive the best of the world. By bestowing knowledge upon these young minds, permit them to develop their innovative ideas and then implementing them in UK itself.

By allowing these genius minds to go back to their home countries, UK is more likely to face tough competition as more often than not, these students belonged to nations with emerging economy and where engineering and science flourished.

The current rules set for graduates from abroad allows them to stay for a period of four months in UK in order to find a job before leaving the country. This window period was too short in comparison to the 12 months time proffered by countries like Canada, US and Australia.

There are approximately 200,000 foreign students who are involved in researching technologies in the British educational institutions. Expelling them would mean, losing 200,000 inventions and ideas.

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