Tony Abott Says Australia Works Towards Meeting Modi's Expectations

05 September, 2014

Tony Abbott
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abott, who’s on a two-day visit to India, has landed in Mumbai on 4 September.  He has addressed the gathering at a special event wherein he apparently spoke out his heart on India-Australia ties.

During his detailed address, Abott hailed India as a democratic superpower and said that Australia would continue to work closely with India in strengthening the bilateral relationship, which includes the mutual support in the field of education.

Recalling his earlier visit to India, as an ordinary person, when he was 23-years-old, Abott cherished the time he spent cruising through some of the important places in the country such as Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhi, Bihar and Mumbai, Abott said that things were completely changed.

Hailing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said the way public has shown the mandate in the recent elections was laudable.

Further, he has said that India has been an inspiration and role model to the world in terms of uplifting the social class of the people.

Stressing on each-other’s commendable lines (Narendra Modi and Tony Abott), he cited his lines “Australia is open for business,” and Modi’s response: “Come. Make in India.”

Shifting his focus towards educational opportunities, he has said that the main goal of any government is to provide quality education. Further, he said both the countries (Australia and India) have been supporting each other in terms of exchange of knowledge with regards to education.

Supporting his statement on the way Australia was encouraging India students for applying at their universities, Tony Abott said as many as 36,000 students entered Australia to pursue higher education. He even said that there was 15% rise in student applications this year.

Mentioning about Australian skill supporters who have been fielded in India, Abott said that their skill supporters were working towards achieving the focus of Modi, who is keen on vocational training to Indians.

Asserting that Australia would be continuing this support, he reiterated that he was committed to take this policy ahead.

It has to be mentioned here that Tony Abott came to India on a two-day trip to launch Australian Government’s Colombo Plan here in India.  He is also reported to have come to ink a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in sports although there has been no confirmation in this regard.

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