UK Need to Attract International Students: UUK

01 October, 2014

In a bid thatís likely to woo the international students in the United Kingdom, the Universities UK (UUK)-a body that represents universities in England-has urged the government to see to it that overseas students in the country are given opportunities to work in UK after they are done with their education. 

Briefing more on the same, CEO of UUK, Nicola Dandridge has said that countries such as Canada and Australia were way ahead in attracting the international students and warned the UK to ensure the inflow of the overseas students touches a new high.

She has even said that Australia and Canada implemented better education expansion strategies while the timely changes in the immigration policies are attracting the students.

Stressing on the net migration cap, she argued that UK must immediately remove international students from the net migration cap, which would boost the economy of the country.

Backing her arguments, Nicola said that UK would be able to attract a large number of investors in case the country was successful to attract skilled international students.

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