UK Post-Study Work Visas to be Re-Introduced

16 February, 2016

UK Post-Study Work Visas to be Re-Introduced
Scottish committee had announced to UK Government to reintroduce the post-study work visas for the overseas students. This Visa allows overseas students to study and work in Scotland for about two years even after the completion of their studies.

Committee also announced about the Visa agreements if the International Students have to find a job within  four months after graduating with a  minimum salary.

Committee chairman spoke about the current situation in Scotland that graduates come from various parts of the world are getting educated as well as settling  in their province.

Review of the Scottish Committee says that they would  examine the extension of the period  which is allowed for graduates to find work. Committee has found that Scotlandís immigration requirements are different. Scottish government believes that reintroducing of the post-study visas will be an benefits for the students and also for the economic benefit to  Scotland.

UK spokesman said that they  have  an excellent job opportunities for the students after  graduate level. Graduates can stay, work  and get an internship.

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