UK Welcomes Indian Students

22 February, 2016

UK Welcomes more Indian Students
India and UK have  announced 2016 as the Year of Education for Research and Innovation. Both countries improve association with the use of digital technology by training teachers as well as students. Their main goal is to develop skills as well as to encourage development opportunities for Indians.

The UK invites brilliant and the best students to our universities. The UK is named as the world’s oldest with respected top universities. There are four main top universities in the UK (Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College London and Oxford). The UK attract more overseas students in which Indians include around 21,000.  Student visa process is only for honest students with 88% of visa approvals are successful. Students need to provide mandatory details in the sponsorship lists,  those are the place of study with funds to support themselves and proficiency of English Language skills. 


  • Since 2010 overseas university applications are up to 17%.
  • By year ending of September 2015 89% visa applications were issued.
  • Over 11,600 visas were issued to Indian Students.
  • For the academic year of 2014-15, 18,320 Indian Students enrolled for UK higher education.

This is to highlight the bilateral relationship between India - UK in certain fields like Education, Research, and Innovation.

India-UK bilateral programmes

UKIERI: The launch of the bilateral programmes covers the areas like higher education and further education leadership development, e-partnerships, skills development and mobility.

Newton Bhaba Fund: This programme is for science and innovation collaboration.

GIAN: Is to launch academic network between UK to teach in India.

SWAYAM: UK university to open online courses (MOOC) platform.

Generation UK-India: To support mobility from UK students to India

Connecting classrooms:  British Council Schools programme

Exhibition: UK universities exhibiting across India

Skills: English language activity of teaching and learning Innovation

The UK will be the partner country for “Technology Summit 2016”. Which will be organized by the Department of Science and Technology of Indian Industry which will be held on OCT 24-26. 

The UK to launch Newton Fund to promote economic development. The UK allocated 50 pounds over the past five years for funding association with India. Their main goal of funding is to address challenges like health, food, energy, and water. Newton-Bhabha Programme is to tighten the relations between the Government agencies, research organizations, and education institutions.

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