United Kingdom to Enhance Its Grants to Indian Students

07 February, 2015

United Kingdom to Enhance Its Grants to Indian Students
British council has promulgated that they are planning to proffer Great Britain Scholarships to Indian students for the year 2015 that value 1.51 million. The new scholarships plan is applicable across United Kingdom various 57 institutions that are there in the regions of Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales for diverse courses such as biosciences, art and design, engineering and law and business.

Deputy High Commissioner of British, Bharat Joshi revealed that on an average 60 United Kingdom institutions are going to participate in the Great Britain campaign that is going to be held on Saturday in Chennai.

This exhibition aids a student to gain awareness on the postgraduate and undergraduate programs that are being run by the UK institutions and its student life. Along with this few of the sources of the country are also planning to put forth such exhibitions in various others cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Kochi.

As per the new records of the country it was found that presently around 21,000 Indian candidates are pursuing their higher studies in United Kingdom.

Sources of the country also stated that visas will be issued only to genuine candidates who possess the proofs of admission letter from concerned authorities of the UK universities.

Minister Counsellor, Soper has added that the cost of education in United Kingdom is quite affordable when compared to other developed nations.

To make India a largest beneficiary across the world in obtaining the scholarships from UK institutions, British council has planned to quadruple Chevening scholarships funding figure for Indian students.

Compared to 2013-14 investment figure of 600,000, the current figure has risen to 2.4 million, says the sources.

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