Universities of New Zealand advertise academic offerings

20 February, 2016

New Zealand advertise academic offerings
The  Road show was  conducted in Pune to advertise the Education system in New Zealand. This program was conducted by the Education lead of the Government agency of New Zealand.

Their main criterion is to highlight the New Zealand Educational Universities to Indians. Besides New Zealand is also the safest country. This would be considered as an important prospect for the students who wants to study abroad.

The intention of the road show that too in Pune was to help the three of the ten awardees of the prestigious New Zealand India sports  scholarships are from Pune also it is the winner of  the recent market and strategy competition.

Area manager Nathanael Mackay says, There are lots of high- quality students in Pune who wish to grow their career in abroad. New Zealand immigration introduced a new pathway student visa which allows for a study experience. Students can choose three sequential programmes for study with the selected education which provides on a single visa that is up to 5 years of validity.

New Zealand Immigration possesses a high range of quality student visa applications from Pune with 90% of approval rate of visa.

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