University Inspires Graduates to Study in Foreign Countries

03 February, 2016

Study in Foreign Countries for Higher education
To study in Foreign countries is not a recent one but to study in JMU is as popular as it has even seen before.

In accordance with the International Education, JMU stands in the first position among all associate Institutions and it is based  on the total number of Graduates who study in Foreign countries for only short-term Programs and that is established on 2013-14 statistics where there are 918 Graduates performed in it. In addition to it, JMU was ranked third among associate Institutions.

Why has it been a great passion to Study in Foreign Countries?

Many Graduates are looking for perfect value in Studying in several Foreign countries to develop as a human and also to extend their World point of view, Jason Good added.

In Accordance to Good, JMU has nearly 70  skilled faculty for study abroad programs have been planned for this summer. JMU is also suggesting a broad diversity of several locations of Graduates to study in places like Singapore, Cameroon, Brunei, Madagascar, Vietnam, and Peru.

New Programs are very strong to push since students are not familiar with that Programs. Good said. We are doing our best to help them but it could be quite hard to do it. In Accordance to Good, students have their great effect on their college career during their period of time spent on studying abroad. It has been  changed in several ways that you can't get reading from a book.

In Accordance to the profit of Study Abroad advertisement on JMU's website, studying in Foreign countries boosts up the level of analytical thinking, It helps you to deal with typical issues. Good added. This will  certainly make me  receive different cultures and also people in future, Swedo said. According to the advertisement 1,218, JMU students studied in Foreign countries in almost 68 programs.

JMU faculty helped me in several opportunities to study in abroad made me possible, Good said. Comparing a lot of associate Institutions, JMU has many programs which run by skilled faculty. Ashooh said  I would have missed lots of things if I would not study in abroad as an  apart of it I was working for the International Programs. I made lifetime links that made the deal for the world. Cliche said.

Graduates who wish study in foreign countries can apply through online, with few documents like resumes, recommendations or resumes.

The World will make us learn who we are up to and what other people are  if it matches your luck the world will give an idea of who want to be exactly, Rabinowitz said.

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