US Federal Panel Votes to Shut down ACICS

27 June, 2016

US Federal Panel Votes to Shut down ACICS
The United States Federal panel has voted for shutting down of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). The country’s largest private sector agency has been criticized for losing oversight of educational institutions.

The National Advisory Committee decision will impact 8, 00 000 students of the schools and Independent colleges accredited by the ACICS.

Anthony Bieda, executive in charge said that "For better or worse we have become the subject of intense political and public scrutiny. We believe many of the public comments directed to ACICS are not well founded."

The Private sector education industry statement stated that stripping of ACICS authority would harm the post-secondary vocational training in the United States.

The United States department of education gives power to 37 accrediting agencies such that schools can have access to federal student loan system.

The ACICS approved 725 institutions last year which granted $3.3 billion financial aid to the schools and independent colleges.

The Department of Education stripped of the authority of the agency, and accreditor has to answer on the 21 point charge sheet.

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