US student visa applications up for STEM fields especially from India

01 July, 2015

USA Post Graduation Study Program - STEM fields
With the growing popularity of STEM courses, a huge rise in number of student’s visa applications from India is observed at the US embassy.

According to the report, applications from potential international students to US post-graduate programs augmented for the 10th successive year, resulted by double-digit increase in India.

As per the annual report of Council of Graduate Schools’ on preliminary overseas graduate applications, 676,484 international students has applied for post graduation degree programs in the US between autumn in the previous year and March in this year, an increase of 2% as compared to last year.

This is partially because of 12% rise in applications especially from potential students in India and to a slighter amount, augments from Brazil (4%), Mexico (8%), Canada (2%) and South Korea (4%).Yet the major nation, which shows over one-third of international students i.e. 39% is China. However, the flock of students from China to US has reduced by 2% for the third successive year.

Notably, the continuous decline of students from China and further rise from India shows the start of new trend.

On a whole rise in student visa applications mainly seen in popular STEM subjects, with programs in life sciences 16%, engineering 4%, physical sciences 14% and the major field of study among overseas students, all seeing growth. Among all the US post graduation programs, STEM fields’ accounts 50% of applications.

This report was based on the study responses from 377 schools, which includes 80% of top 100 universities awarding large number of degrees to overseas graduate students in the USA. Following the completion of application cycles in universities, final application as well as enrolment figures will be summarized in a record later 2015. 

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