US Witnesses 28 % Increase in Indian Students' Enrollments, Report Reveals

14 November, 2014

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US become most desirable educational destination and observes a 28% increase in the Indian students enrollments, a report revealed.

Notably, there were 134,292 Indian students studying in the US as of 7 October, which represents a 28 % increase when compared to the same period last year, while the number of international students increased by nine percent, the report unveiled.

According to the report, California holds 18212 students, Texas with 17033, New York with 14690, Illinois with 8427 and Massachusetts with 6763. Out of 134,292 total international students, Indians formed the largest group of those who are studying in the US than other regions such as Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, South America and Pacific Islands.

Reportedly, 73 per cent of Indian students were enrolled in master's degree programs, 79 % were studying in STEM (Science and engineering courses). The report said that 65 % of total Indian students were studying engineering, computer, information sciences and support services programs. Indians formed the second largest group of students studying in the US next to China.

Sources said that Indian students made up 12% of the total overseas student population and 26 % of the STEM student population in the US.

The report contains the information about latest data from the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), which is a web-based system that contains data about foreign students, visitors and their dependents.

The report unveiled that in October 7, 1.11 million foreign students were on M (vocational) visa or F (academic) visa and were studying at around 9,000 US schools. This indicates a nine percent surge when compared to same period last year. It also mentioned that 75 % of all foreign students were from Asia.

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